Our Equine Cooling Blankets are great for cooling down our equine athletes after exercising, competitions or on hot summer days!  Why are CoolAid Equine Cooling Blankets so fantastic?  Our patented material also has the ability to move sweat away from the body, so for our equine enthusiasts that ride indoors during the winter months, this blanket will help with the cooling and drying process before heading out into the cold weather.  Just place the blanket on your horse dry and let the wicking begin.

For instant cooling?  The process is simple!  Simply place the blanket in any temperature of water, wring out the excess and shake.  Our blankets have removable straps for easy application and to help with less tear and wear on your washer.

Remember, as long as the CoolAid Blanket is wet and air is able to move through the material, the blanket will continue to cool.  If your athlete needs more cooling, simply repeat the process!

To keep the ultimate cooling process, make sure to wash your blanket when possible.  Wash with cold water, detergent only, no bleach or fabric softener.  


CoolAid cooling blanket

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