Equine Icing and Cooling Hock Wraps are easy to use.  Products can be placed in the freezer for ultimate icing or can be placed in ice and water or just water.  

Simply wet it, wring it and shake it.  If placing the wraps in the freezer, wet the cooling fabric, either gray or blue until the colors darken, let excess water run off or wring if necessary and place in the freezer.  For quick freezing, fold the wrap instead of rolling and allow up to one hour to freeze.  Place the wraps in a zip-lock tight bag if the hock wraps will be left in the freezer past the recommended time.  To achieve the coolest temperature possible when no freezer is available, simply place in a cooler with ice and water.

Since CoolAid uses evaporative technology, remove the wrap after 10 minutes, shake to reactivate or rewet if needed.

**Always take caution when using new products on your equine athletes

**Always use some type of protective layering when icing, especially if the area has been shaved

**Make sure the compression and application is comfortable for the animal

**Consult your veterinarian or healthcare professional for recommended icing times

**Sold in Pairs (Right/Left)

Sizing:  Small ~ Yearling, Small Horse    Medium ~ Quarter Horse, Cow Horse    Large ~ Thoroughbred, Race Type    Extra Large ~ Draft                                                               


CoolAid Hock wraps

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