DMG™ is N, N-Dimethylglycine, a naturally occurring substance found in low levels in many foods.

DMG aids in lactic acid production in muscles and helps normal muscle recovery time after strenuous work outs. Antioxidant properties  help support a healthy immune system.  DMG also helps to maintain energy levels, oxygen utilization and glucose metabolism.  Meal form.

DMG 3,500™ is recommended to help support healthy vascular and immune system function.


(Enclosed measure approximates 1 oz based on density of product.)

Adult Horses (900-1,100 lbs): Provide 1/2 oz twice daily 2-3 days before and during high level stress and/or working conditions. For lower maintenance level, provide 1/4 oz twice daily.

5 lb 160 servings

MVP DMG 3500

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