Following the success of Sportz-Vibe®, a gentle, non-invasive massage blanket, the Sports-Vibe® ZX was created to meet the market demand for a completely wireless version of the massage blanket.  It has a super breathable, lightweight net outer which prevents overheating and has a detachable hood.  Adjustable multi-sizing front.  Elasticated surcingles & elasticated tail string.  The fifteen panel pockets are easily accessible from the outside of the blanket.  This allows for a wide range of treatment areas, including the neck, shoulder, back and hind end.  Includes six treatment panels with the option to buy additional ones.  A maximum of six locations can be simultaneously treated at one time.  There is a built in battery with a battery life indicator in each panel.  There are three different frequency settings, gentle, moderate and a combination of gentle and moderate, allowing you customize the massage based on your horse's needs.  Adjustable sizing to offer three different sizes in one blanket allowing for a secure fit depending on your horse's build.  Fill: 0g.  Color: Black/Black & White
  • Wireless
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable hood
  • Three different massage settings
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Can simultaneously treat a maximum of six locations at one time

SportzVibe Massaging Mesh sheet

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